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011 Building a Culture of Trust

Episode Summary

Welcome to CEO Brain Food, a show aimed at providing key insights, fresh perspectives, and proven tools that CEOs can apply to build enterprise value, generate higher profits and develop the talent needed to succeed in their businesses. In this episode of CEO Brain Food, Michael breaks down the importance of building a culture of trust. He identifies the five key factors that contribute to building a strong culture of trust. These include finding and defending your ‘cores,’ building authentic relationships, and leading transparently/being present, among others. Finally, Michael encourages listeners to practice new ways of consistently communicating within organizations to build a strong culture of trust.

Episode Notes

00:57 – Introducing today’s topic, building a culture of trust
04:36 – The importance of trust
05:28 – The three pillars of an organization
07:19 – The five key points of culture
07:32 – One: Find and Defend Your Cores
09:38 – Two: Build Authentic Relationships
13:27 – Three: Lead Transparently
16:14 – Four: Develop a System of Feedback
18:12 – The Rule of One Percent
19:37 – Five: Be Present
21:36 – Michael teases the topic of the next episode of CEO Brain Food


“I like to think of an organization with three pillars. It’s like a three-legged stool. You have strategy, you have structure and you have culture.” (05:38)

“Culture is descending. It starts at the top and must be promoted and literally kept alive by the leader and the leadership team.” (06:53)

“How you define and defends your cores will often determine your ability to grow and scale your business.” (08:08)

“The deeper that your relationship is with those that you’re leading, the more effective you’ll be in leading them.” (10:55)

“Leadership and trust go hand in hand. They’re very interrelated and both are about relationship.” (13:31)

“There’s not a greater impact that you can have on an organization or a company than when you hire someone, or evaluate someone’s performance, or coach them.” (15:50)

“The Rule of One Percent recognizes that at least one percent of what the person is saying is probably true.” (18:19)

“We know that trust takes a lifetime to build and can be destroyed in a moment. That is so true. The culture of trust in a company needs to be proactively established by leadership and consistently applied day-to-day in personal behaviors and actions.” (20:25)


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