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022 Coaching with a Purpose with Mark Green

Episode Summary

Welcome to CEO Brain Food, a show aimed at providing key insights, fresh perspectives, and proven tools that CEOs can apply to build enterprise value, generate higher profits and develop the talent needed to succeed in their businesses. In this episode of CEO Brain Food, Michael invites Mark Green on to discuss his experience as a strategic advisor and coach to CEOs and executive teams worldwide. Throughout his career, Mark has addressed, coached and advised thousands of business leaders, helping them unlock more of their potential and teaching them how to do the same for their teams. Michael and Mark discuss hidden growth killers, universal quantifiers, and the five symptoms of fear. Mark speaks to the value he places on purposefulness and the strategic benefit organizations gain from having a clear purpose. Finally, Mark talks about his book, Activators, as well as other projects that are occupying his time.

Episode Notes

00:54 – Michael introduces today’s guest, Mark Green

03:55 –Coaching for Results vs. Coaching for Growth

07:04 – Michael promotes Mark’s book, Activators

10:29 – Mark speaks to hidden growth killers

17:56 – Universal quantifiers

20:35 – Mark talks about three different types of fear

26:08 – Mark lays out the five symptoms of fear

32:45 – Mark tells the story about his Grandpa Ben and the importance of changing your neighborhood

37:55 – The value Mark places on purposefulness and the link between purpose and strategy

46:13 – Mark speaks to his personal purpose and the process it took to figure it out

50:50 – Michael encourages the audience to pick up a copy of his book, Activators

51:59 – Mark talks about some projects he’s currently working on, including a new book

53:06 – Where listeners can follow Mark

54:00 – Michael thanks Mark for joining the show

54:24 – Where to find Michael’s Functional Team Scorecard


“When the hidden growth killers are operating and you’re not aware of them, you’re actually not really at choice, right? You’re surrendering choice to operate on your habits, your beliefs, your motivators.” (16:18)

“If you have fear that’s affecting you, there’s no way that you can feel like a great CEO when you know that you’re not addressing the behaviors that actually weaken your business.” (24:02) 

“We use logic to justify our thinking. So, we’re typically blind to our fears.” (29:16)

“Often what I’ve observed is we maintain status quo networks, comfort zone networks… And, the truth of the matter is, in many cases, you’ve become among the most expensive houses in all of your neighborhoods. And then you wonder why you’re not growing as fast as you want to grow.” (34:47)

“Purposefulness is a chronically under-utilized resource, often at great expense.” (39:30)

“My purpose is to unlock human potential.” (46:16)


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